About Us


Perry Woodman, Founder, Broker

Over a decade in the Yacht business as a broker and Sales/Marketing Manager, I have handled over 500 transactions and tens of millions of yachts. A boater since birth [that's the way we do it in Newfoundland], I know my way around boats and the business of buying and selling. Being a Mechanical Engineer brings a unique perspective. Get that experience working for you!



Our mission is to become your most trusted marine resource throughout the buying, enjoying and selling phases of your yachting adventure. Boating is one of our passions. We're boat owners [Catalina 355, 'White Falcon'] and enjoy cruising and racing. Our team has listed and sold thousands of boats to clients throughout North America.



Looking for a family bonding experience? An activity that gets you outdoors and learning new skills? A way to reconnect with, broaden and strengthen your social network? Or just an escape? Yachting gives you these opportunities and much more. We know. We've been there. We still are.


The Lifestyle

We understand it's about more than the boat. It's about the people, the places, the events, the experiences, the sights, the adventure. 

The boat is the means to that end.

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